Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Batrep 109: Orks Orks Orks

 It was short game. Took maybe an hour and a half, with a brief moment to pet her dog. I swear the little guy looked like an ewok. In her defense, I think we screwed up the attacks the ork robot had in the fight phase.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Batrep 108: First 40k since like... 2003?

 It was a fun game but there was a real leap of faith here on what was going on. Not that my opponent wasn't on the up and up, rather I was completely unprepared for what Death Watch does. That said, I had fun and am learning.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Batrep 107: Is not illegal if you believe it comrade.

 The list is legit comrade. No need to check. (It's totally illegal, you can't mix KV-1s and IS-2s. Thanks for "C3K" for being the fun police.)

The "Objective".

You may not like it, but this is what desperation looks like.

Thanks to Charlie (Tank Rider) for running the shindig.  I can't thank him enough.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Batrep 104: Armada- Cpt. FishFace

The twin Cr30 strategy I see myself using for a while.  I really like how they just mopped up when kitted out with a whole slew of upgrades (unmentioned nor filmed).  They had rapid reload... ackbar in the frigate... just about everything to give them a devastating alpha.  

The opening moves.  I could have benefited to pay attention to my fighters.  If I recall, he spent less than I but dutiful shepherding of squadron orders leveraged them against me.  In the end all that was left was 2 stands of Tie fighters with damage.

Homina homina homina.  Torpedoes locked and loaded.

SCREEEEEACH.  It was a real close rub.  But in the emptiness of space, I'm sure it's a fluke.


End game was brutal with the whole board mostly cleared.  A pyhric fight if anything.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Batrep 103: Armada Learning Game

Fun game.  Crackor is still teaching the ropes and this is literally my second game in this system, but like the nth naval game... even more so if you count Battletech as a naval game.  Which you should, because it is.  (Defiler's Vulture not withstanding).

True MVPs.  The hammer and anvil strategy with the Nebulons seems to work.

All kinds of deployment mistakes.  I couldn't deploy fighters like that legally.

The big furball.

And the death wedge gets picked at by gnats.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Winter Classic '17: Round 3

Great game.  Last round with tourney champion in sights.  The last time I won a tourney was like 2011?  Broken clock is right twice a day, right?

Big open field with lots of AT guns against an armored enemy with no smoke.  Sweet.

I painted these up for the "extra crew" models to almost immediately be made redundant.  That said, I think they look nice.  The vantage point is awkward.   From here they can see just about anything, but in hind sight I should have put them more center.

Template Template Template.  Even though all I brought was mortars, you'd not have expected these results against armor.  Take it or leave it, v4 fixes this.

Beginning of the end.  I should have been way more scared of these tanks than I was.  I completely forgot about the tank riders.

The Stugs were mostly ineffectual.  So was his air.

In the end he squeezed victory away, and nearly lost it.  I mention some shots in the end and don't develop the idea.  I took a few shots and failed nearly all of them but statistically it should have been a kill and a bail.  I wasn't clear on that point.  He got a little luck in the end.  Good game in all.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Winter Classic '17: Round 2

Fun game.  Things went south the moment he picked up his dice and killed the 88 covering that side of the board.  I thought 1 88 would have been fine with the PaKs nearby able to do double duty if the situation deteriorated.
Thankfully it was a good call since that's exactly what happened.  Though admittedly it's because the infantry passed a few critical motivation checks.  It could have very easily been all over on turn 2.

The missing 88.  Nailed by .50 fire, if memory serves.  It seemed so unlikely.  Not only did I not expect him to charge through the infantry, but to kill the gun on that side?  eegads.

The tide of darkness.  Here is his about to make a mess of things with my inability to apply defensive fire.

"YANKEE IN THE WIRE! YANKEE IN THE WIRE!"  By all measure he should have won from the view from early game.  But the infantry held their grit.

The game winning move was stormtroopering some infantry out to contest the objective.  It's worth noting in this match, as we gave the benefit of the doubt and worked it a turn back, if it would have been beneficial to decloak the tanks as opposed to moving the security section naked.  And the difference was he would not have made it to the objective as quickly as he did.
Arguably he would have won though.  Because even though he'd be a turn behind, so to speak, the infantry wouldn't do anything to the tanks.  Flip side of that, is the Wolverines would have to deal with the StuGs close on their heels on that side of the board.
It's a tough call.
Not telling him to do that is as much my bad as his (as he legit doesn't have a solid handle on the nuance).

By the end he had only a damaged section of Stuarts on the objective and they were facing down a crewed 88 and a PaK.  He had the choice of running down the remaining 120mm for a point or double down and try to take on the infantry running to the other objective in the open.
He went for broke and lost 1-6.
Still it was a fun and memorable game that really felt like an allied win till it started unraveling.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Work Table: Eldar Dire Avengers

I give Games Workshop shade from time to time.  But the reality is that I'm a huge fan boy.  I love all things Warhammer.  So it's no surprise that, when they final make a rule book that doesn't seem like hot garbage, I'd be inclined to give it another shot.  Having the Battle Bunker right around the corner helps... so does the healthy community.  

And it comes at a good time too.  I'm a little burnt out on Flames of War and am willing to grab a new army.  It's not a new thing though.  My enthusiasm for Flames of War cycles every other year.  Admittedly though, the painting of my Team Yankee felt more like a chore than a hobby and it's been awhile since I had fun painting for FoW.

These here are "Eldar Dire Avengers" with heads from Puppets War.  I'm going with the bright orange because it seems fitting and I rarely get to paint something fanciful.  Green bro in back was part of a color pallet experiment, but he looks fine so he doesn't get repainted (cool armor for the guy with perfect attendance I guess).

While I'm not aiming for canon schemes, I'm just having fun, they sorta fit the canon scheme of Yme-Loc.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Batrep #100: King of the Hills

This one was a road block because of scheduling.  I really wanted to do something "special" and that was for the longest a solaris event.  Instead we did this scenario, which was fun but needs tweaking in ways I can't put my finger on.

Here the heavy hitters are in brilliant green.  All I'm missing is the Bane-C for maximum hurt.  I elected not to on the grounds of not maximizing this green cheese.
"Find a target and everyone shoot at it at once"
"err... sir that's not very honorab~-"

And the bad, erm, Inner sphere forces.  Not a bad setup really.  I'd caution the over reliance on AC/20s against a clan opponent but since I'm rolling heavy, it's fine.

I loved this lolzy match up.  It's completely unfair to the Cicada but in a strategic sense can pay itself out.  He took several PPC hits like a champ though.

Slight correction to the narration, they managed a crit into an SRM ammo bin on the Madcat.  He blew the atomic burrito out the back and decided on the better part of valor.

In the end the board was set for a brief slug fest where the clan would almost certainly lose something but IS would lose everything.  But we were playing for point in the scenario and it just did not matter.
Gargoyle more than bought his points back though just killing the hover crafts.  In all likely hood the Bushwacker, sans armor at this point, would likely buy the farm against him in crits as well if the game went on another turn.  ce la vi

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Winter Classic '17: Round 1

His air must of had nothing better to do because they were persistent if nothing else.  I don't recall them scoring a single hit, despite how much terror it was causing me.


This seemed fine on paper.  Just dust off the Humbers... it won't even be a thing.

Right guys?  Guys?

Thankfully to the trusted observer, we piled right into that objective and kicked out his hopes of driving up the center. 

And the last hurrah of V3 artillery as the 120mm mortars bag a sherman. 

This was an assault for the funsies.  But it ended up breaking the flank more or less.  I was surprised.