Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Batrep #92: What Goes Up...

They say even a broken clock is correct twice a day.  Tank Rider continued to give sound advice and I applied it in earnest on this outing.
Not exposing myself at the beginning of an encounter was a revelation.

Gotta tease the tanks, as it were.

In a surprising move, while he did bail the reluctant panther... it immediately remounted.


Meanwhile this lazy bastard is still stuck in the woods.

Batrep #91: Free Fall

This was my first FoW game since the tourney in St. Louis and I really needed to shake the lead out.  Tank Rider (Bustle Back in the link on the right) really did offer some eye opening pointers that I worked into later games so much my "inner voice" started to sound like him.  I would then casually ignore it at my leisure.

I painted all of this.  Sometimes I rag on it not being up to snuff.  I think the pea dot camo faded a bit somehow and could use a pass over to get it to pop a bit more.  But it's really a fine army that I'm glad I put the effort in on.  I rarely have to paint anything to play.

Tank Rider's beautiful army is, of course, all dressed in white for springtime for Hitler in Germany.

Look at this setup on turn one.  This is garbage in so many ways.  What was I thinking with these PzIIIs?

This was the beginning of the end.  You can just see those cat killers killing cats.

And on the other side we have inevitability rolling on.  I had a desperate measure turning the gun around that I planned on doing.  Not that it was a good plan.

Impudent smoke and dying infantry.

And in the final hour we have 1 stand of infantry that, thanks to his morale, has more heart than sense. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Batrep #90: Mani Dominios

Overall the point costs of Alpha Strike is pretty on point.  The abolishment of the atrocious C3 costs is super cool in particular (though my printing of the book says something else).  But what I don't appreciate is the fuzziness of the "VDNI" costs.  The book suggests making them "rare" with no clear idea on what that should be qualified to be.  I'm assuming that if it's a Celestial mech, and the pilot is skill 2, then it gets the VDNI at your discretion.  And with the only down side to getting a skill 1 pilot is being stunned on sensor hit... it's a no brainer for lights (that will die before the crit is relevant) and certainly useful for everything else.