Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Batrep #90: Mani Dominios

Overall the point costs of Alpha Strike is pretty on point.  The abolishment of the atrocious C3 costs is super cool in particular (though my printing of the book says something else).  But what I don't appreciate is the fuzziness of the "VDNI" costs.  The book suggests making them "rare" with no clear idea on what that should be qualified to be.  I'm assuming that if it's a Celestial mech, and the pilot is skill 2, then it gets the VDNI at your discretion.  And with the only down side to getting a skill 1 pilot is being stunned on sensor hit... it's a no brainer for lights (that will die before the crit is relevant) and certainly useful for everything else.

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  1. The impression I always had was that all the Shadow Division mechs and the MD that used them incorporated VDNI. You didn't get to be a pilot of a Shadow Division, get a ton of implants, and be given the overall rare and powerful mechs they had unless you were a damn good pilot (IE, 2/3 or better). And sure not every MD piloted a Celestial, but I would be shocked if the WoB let people without VDNI pilot one. I mean if you're good enough for them to let you pilot one, you're good enough for them to shell out for giving you a VDNI to make you EVEN BETTER, y'know?