Monday, March 6, 2017

Bane of War '17 - Round 2

In the same sense as playing Poker against a gibbering baboon, my own incompetency only slowed him so much as he was over estimating my capabilities.  When he came to his own and found his footing he wiped the floor.  He was on point throughout and only seemed to stumble significantly when his dice were legit hosing him.

 Training tanks on patrol.  I love the utility of the PzIIIs in this list.  Here you can see them pretending to be relevant as they reposition and test the unreliable rule.

 This picture personifies sweating bullets.  I didn't anticipate his reserves properly enough. 
This picture also shows his beautiful army that I found the gall to give a "4" because it "wasn't battlefront quality".  That's stupid.  His army was beautiful.  In my defense, I was loaded on pain killers because of some teeth problems.  Nonetheless, I regret being a tool.

 And in a surprise move, the PzIIIs actually push off the engineers.  I made a call to only put 2 tanks in to avoid some bazooka fire.  And it surprisingly worked.

In a fell swoop the pro player took my nonsense and cut it apart effortlessly.  It's inspiring to the game really.  Had I won, despite all my compiling errors, I'd have had less faith in the system.  His dice was hosing him for turn after turn.  But he found a hole and exploited it despite his luck.  Bravo.

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