Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Bane of War '17 - Round 3

This happens from time to time.  I've yet to see a points system generate a completely balanced match up 100% of the time.  Tourney formats help ameliorate it I think, Particularly in this case since both our lists, in these niche circumstances, flourish and flounder depending on opponent.  He just got his choice opposition this time.  It was a fun game.  Lopsided as it gets, but most importantly fun.

Turn 1!  This is what I'm dealing with on turn 1.

Hanz was a real nuisance.  I really should have popped a panzerfaust trap team and let them deal with it.  But on some level I just didn't think it was worth it.  It certainly wasn't as flashy as nailing them with a 150mm round.

Last known shot of the 2iC as he charged the Pumas.  Legend says he was cursing the entire way in.

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