Monday, May 29, 2017

Batrep #98: Turn 'N Burn

It was a pretty great match up.  I didn't have much in the way of a cohesive strategy beyond TONKS and MOAR TONKS.  It sorta shows.  I should have atleast tried to get a broader variety of TONKs. But I'm working with what I got at the moment.

 The first turns of the alphastrike aerospace engagement are vastly less interesting than in the "classic" game.
 A terrifying assortment if there ever was one.
It wasn't long before it was going tits up.  Say what you will about Defiler's strategy- which was on point- I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.  Meanwhile my tanks- presumably barn sized in shape- proved no difficulty to hit.

 And then there were two.  I'll grognard grumble all day long about how much of the game Alpha Strike cuts out of the aerospace game.  But it works the same in the end.  You make an immelman, control roll here, engage that.  Aside from some engagement range shenanigans in the first turn, It's the same without having to worry about the specifics.  Which is horrible if you knew what it meant to do it, but vastly easier for nearly the same result and without all the impromptu maneuver look ups.  I think I'll live.

In the end it wasn't a contest.  He showed up and entered my deployment zone... I just never left it.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Bane of War '17 - Round 5

Painful doesn't even begin to describe my short sightedness.  I could have very easily fed the meat grinder and won the game.  It wouldn't have been a die roll, just move a few stands in the direction of the objective, maybe the tank, anything really.  But no, I made a fools mistake.

 What you don't see in the game is the "meat" of his force- 3 platoons of 8rads.  He'd lament post game that they were making him lose single handedly.  As even though his 4 count Panther platoon was wrecking house and taking names the recon would die and cause company routes.
 Sweet googly moogly.  This was the beauty moment I was waiting for and... they really whiffed it.  They were a complete waste of points as an actual threat.
 Here we see arty and air clean up.  Notice, 1 plane did this.
 The 15cm Arty as vet, even with 3 tubes, is a steal in Westfalen.  They completely bought themselves back at every opportunity in the tourney.
 Even the reluctant allied panthers did alright when I remembered to angle the armor.
 And here is the money shot.  The moment I lost, but didn't realize it.
 But hey, I tore the rest of his army a new one eh?  I have that going for me.
 Unrelated shot.  This was the best painted platoon of the tourney and was actually pretty sweet.