Monday, May 15, 2017

Bane of War '17 - Round 5

Painful doesn't even begin to describe my short sightedness.  I could have very easily fed the meat grinder and won the game.  It wouldn't have been a die roll, just move a few stands in the direction of the objective, maybe the tank, anything really.  But no, I made a fools mistake.

 What you don't see in the game is the "meat" of his force- 3 platoons of 8rads.  He'd lament post game that they were making him lose single handedly.  As even though his 4 count Panther platoon was wrecking house and taking names the recon would die and cause company routes.
 Sweet googly moogly.  This was the beauty moment I was waiting for and... they really whiffed it.  They were a complete waste of points as an actual threat.
 Here we see arty and air clean up.  Notice, 1 plane did this.
 The 15cm Arty as vet, even with 3 tubes, is a steal in Westfalen.  They completely bought themselves back at every opportunity in the tourney.
 Even the reluctant allied panthers did alright when I remembered to angle the armor.
 And here is the money shot.  The moment I lost, but didn't realize it.
 But hey, I tore the rest of his army a new one eh?  I have that going for me.
 Unrelated shot.  This was the best painted platoon of the tourney and was actually pretty sweet.

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