Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Batrep #100: King of the Hills

This one was a road block because of scheduling.  I really wanted to do something "special" and that was for the longest a solaris event.  Instead we did this scenario, which was fun but needs tweaking in ways I can't put my finger on.

Here the heavy hitters are in brilliant green.  All I'm missing is the Bane-C for maximum hurt.  I elected not to on the grounds of not maximizing this green cheese.
"Find a target and everyone shoot at it at once"
"err... sir that's not very honorab~-"

And the bad, erm, Inner sphere forces.  Not a bad setup really.  I'd caution the over reliance on AC/20s against a clan opponent but since I'm rolling heavy, it's fine.

I loved this lolzy match up.  It's completely unfair to the Cicada but in a strategic sense can pay itself out.  He took several PPC hits like a champ though.

Slight correction to the narration, they managed a crit into an SRM ammo bin on the Madcat.  He blew the atomic burrito out the back and decided on the better part of valor.

In the end the board was set for a brief slug fest where the clan would almost certainly lose something but IS would lose everything.  But we were playing for point in the scenario and it just did not matter.
Gargoyle more than bought his points back though just killing the hover crafts.  In all likely hood the Bushwacker, sans armor at this point, would likely buy the farm against him in crits as well if the game went on another turn.  ce la vi

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  1. Hi! I've been scouring the internet for the best way to make a hexagonal gameboard for battletech. The only method I can find is "print out a single hex and trace it over and over". I was just wondering how you guys put yours together!