Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Winter Classic '17: Round 2

Fun game.  Things went south the moment he picked up his dice and killed the 88 covering that side of the board.  I thought 1 88 would have been fine with the PaKs nearby able to do double duty if the situation deteriorated.
Thankfully it was a good call since that's exactly what happened.  Though admittedly it's because the infantry passed a few critical motivation checks.  It could have very easily been all over on turn 2.

The missing 88.  Nailed by .50 fire, if memory serves.  It seemed so unlikely.  Not only did I not expect him to charge through the infantry, but to kill the gun on that side?  eegads.

The tide of darkness.  Here is his about to make a mess of things with my inability to apply defensive fire.

"YANKEE IN THE WIRE! YANKEE IN THE WIRE!"  By all measure he should have won from the view from early game.  But the infantry held their grit.

The game winning move was stormtroopering some infantry out to contest the objective.  It's worth noting in this match, as we gave the benefit of the doubt and worked it a turn back, if it would have been beneficial to decloak the tanks as opposed to moving the security section naked.  And the difference was he would not have made it to the objective as quickly as he did.
Arguably he would have won though.  Because even though he'd be a turn behind, so to speak, the infantry wouldn't do anything to the tanks.  Flip side of that, is the Wolverines would have to deal with the StuGs close on their heels on that side of the board.
It's a tough call.
Not telling him to do that is as much my bad as his (as he legit doesn't have a solid handle on the nuance).

By the end he had only a damaged section of Stuarts on the objective and they were facing down a crewed 88 and a PaK.  He had the choice of running down the remaining 120mm for a point or double down and try to take on the infantry running to the other objective in the open.
He went for broke and lost 1-6.
Still it was a fun and memorable game that really felt like an allied win till it started unraveling.

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