Thursday, August 10, 2017

Work Table: Eldar Dire Avengers

I give Games Workshop shade from time to time.  But the reality is that I'm a huge fan boy.  I love all things Warhammer.  So it's no surprise that, when they final make a rule book that doesn't seem like hot garbage, I'd be inclined to give it another shot.  Having the Battle Bunker right around the corner helps... so does the healthy community.  

And it comes at a good time too.  I'm a little burnt out on Flames of War and am willing to grab a new army.  It's not a new thing though.  My enthusiasm for Flames of War cycles every other year.  Admittedly though, the painting of my Team Yankee felt more like a chore than a hobby and it's been awhile since I had fun painting for FoW.

These here are "Eldar Dire Avengers" with heads from Puppets War.  I'm going with the bright orange because it seems fitting and I rarely get to paint something fanciful.  Green bro in back was part of a color pallet experiment, but he looks fine so he doesn't get repainted (cool armor for the guy with perfect attendance I guess).

While I'm not aiming for canon schemes, I'm just having fun, they sorta fit the canon scheme of Yme-Loc.

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