Thursday, September 21, 2017

Batrep 104: Armada- Cpt. FishFace

The twin Cr30 strategy I see myself using for a while.  I really like how they just mopped up when kitted out with a whole slew of upgrades (unmentioned nor filmed).  They had rapid reload... ackbar in the frigate... just about everything to give them a devastating alpha.  

The opening moves.  I could have benefited to pay attention to my fighters.  If I recall, he spent less than I but dutiful shepherding of squadron orders leveraged them against me.  In the end all that was left was 2 stands of Tie fighters with damage.

Homina homina homina.  Torpedoes locked and loaded.

SCREEEEEACH.  It was a real close rub.  But in the emptiness of space, I'm sure it's a fluke.


End game was brutal with the whole board mostly cleared.  A pyhric fight if anything.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Batrep 103: Armada Learning Game

Fun game.  Crackor is still teaching the ropes and this is literally my second game in this system, but like the nth naval game... even more so if you count Battletech as a naval game.  Which you should, because it is.  (Defiler's Vulture not withstanding).

True MVPs.  The hammer and anvil strategy with the Nebulons seems to work.

All kinds of deployment mistakes.  I couldn't deploy fighters like that legally.

The big furball.

And the death wedge gets picked at by gnats.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Winter Classic '17: Round 3

Great game.  Last round with tourney champion in sights.  The last time I won a tourney was like 2011?  Broken clock is right twice a day, right?

Big open field with lots of AT guns against an armored enemy with no smoke.  Sweet.

I painted these up for the "extra crew" models to almost immediately be made redundant.  That said, I think they look nice.  The vantage point is awkward.   From here they can see just about anything, but in hind sight I should have put them more center.

Template Template Template.  Even though all I brought was mortars, you'd not have expected these results against armor.  Take it or leave it, v4 fixes this.

Beginning of the end.  I should have been way more scared of these tanks than I was.  I completely forgot about the tank riders.

The Stugs were mostly ineffectual.  So was his air.

In the end he squeezed victory away, and nearly lost it.  I mention some shots in the end and don't develop the idea.  I took a few shots and failed nearly all of them but statistically it should have been a kill and a bail.  I wasn't clear on that point.  He got a little luck in the end.  Good game in all.