Thursday, September 21, 2017

Batrep 104: Armada- Cpt. FishFace

The twin Cr30 strategy I see myself using for a while.  I really like how they just mopped up when kitted out with a whole slew of upgrades (unmentioned nor filmed).  They had rapid reload... ackbar in the frigate... just about everything to give them a devastating alpha.  

The opening moves.  I could have benefited to pay attention to my fighters.  If I recall, he spent less than I but dutiful shepherding of squadron orders leveraged them against me.  In the end all that was left was 2 stands of Tie fighters with damage.

Homina homina homina.  Torpedoes locked and loaded.

SCREEEEEACH.  It was a real close rub.  But in the emptiness of space, I'm sure it's a fluke.


End game was brutal with the whole board mostly cleared.  A pyhric fight if anything.

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