Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Winter Classic '17: Round 3

Great game.  Last round with tourney champion in sights.  The last time I won a tourney was like 2011?  Broken clock is right twice a day, right?

Big open field with lots of AT guns against an armored enemy with no smoke.  Sweet.

I painted these up for the "extra crew" models to almost immediately be made redundant.  That said, I think they look nice.  The vantage point is awkward.   From here they can see just about anything, but in hind sight I should have put them more center.

Template Template Template.  Even though all I brought was mortars, you'd not have expected these results against armor.  Take it or leave it, v4 fixes this.

Beginning of the end.  I should have been way more scared of these tanks than I was.  I completely forgot about the tank riders.

The Stugs were mostly ineffectual.  So was his air.

In the end he squeezed victory away, and nearly lost it.  I mention some shots in the end and don't develop the idea.  I took a few shots and failed nearly all of them but statistically it should have been a kill and a bail.  I wasn't clear on that point.  He got a little luck in the end.  Good game in all.

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